What precisely is casino bonus?

Casino bonus is something you should not overlook when you looking for online casino. Even with little or no personal investment, a competent player may convert it into a profit! Casinos provide a variety of perks. Some provide a casino bonus code, while others offer a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus. Determine which bonuses provide various benefits and select the most favorable one for you.

To make things easier for you, we investigated and tested casinos and provide extensive evaluations and information about each of them. This is our rating of casinos with the best bonuses:  

Get up to:
100% Bonus + 200 Free Spins
Up to first $500 / 5BTC
No deposit bonus 20 FS
Get up to:
260% Bonus + 270 Free Spins
Up to 3500EUR
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Wager for bonus is x35
Minimal deposit for bonus 20EUR
Bonus up to:
400 EUR + 200 Free Spins
Welcome Package
* New customers only. 100% match bonus based
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Minimum Deposit: 20EUR
Wagering: 50x

Bonus up to:
300 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Package
* New customers only. 100% match bonus based
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Minimum Deposit: 20EUR
Wagering: 50x

Get up to:
5000 EUR + 200 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Wagering: 40x - 45x
1st deposit : 100% up to 300EUR

2nd deposit: 50% up to 400EUR

3rd deposit: 100% up to 800EUR

4th deposit: 100% up to 3500EUR
casino bonus

What are the most typical kinds of casino bonus?

Welcome Bonus – The casino awards the player upon registration.

No deposit bonus – You will receive the bonus even if you do not deposit any money.

Free Spins – A spin rotation in which you do not have to pay to spin.

VIP bonuses – The greatest promotions and services to fulfill customers.

What actually is a call casino bonus?

The payment-related welcome bonus is sometimes referred to as a 100 percent casino bonus. But what exactly does that mean? This type of bonus is also known as a “call”, because the casino calls a deposit made by the player from his own funds. Other types of incentives, however, are denoted by various percentages.


1. If the casino provides a 50% entry bonus, you will receive a bonus of 10 euros with a deposit of 20 euros.

2. If the casino gives a welcome bonus of 300 percent, you will receive a bonus of 60 euros with a deposit of 20 euros.

3. The 100% Casino bonus is known as the “call bonus.” The casino will match your deposit with a matching bonus. If you deposit 100 euros, the casino will match it with another 100 euros in bonus funds.

No deposit bonus?

The casino with welcome bonus is great for gamblers who are just getting started or who wish to reduce the risks and costs of playing. Such a casino literally provides you free money, which you cannot withdraw since you must first play for it. Of fact, many gamers may convert a casino bonus into real money while playing.

You may believe that something as beneficial as a free bonus must have a catch. It is vital to remember, however, that when it comes to bonuses, this is actually the finest kind of promotion for the best casinos. The costs they suffer when you win with bonus credit are insignificant when compared to the fact that they attract a large number of new players to the free casino bonus.

So the no deposit bonus is not a scam, and if you have the opportunity, take advantage of it. The casino bonus will help you remove the dangers that come with playing for real money, especially if you are a novice or want to learn how to play a new game.

A no deposit incentive requires no particular action on your part. Typically, all you have to do is sign up for a free player account at the casino.

Free spins? Do you know all about them?

Free spins are a type of bonus – one spin of the reels without having to pay for it. If the casino offers you ten free spins, you are permitted to spin ten times on a certain slot machine without paying, and any winnings will be added to your bankroll.

Free spins bonuses are typically connected with a certain game and allow you to familiarize yourself with an online or mobile slot machine without risk. However, any profits from free spins bonuses are normally subject to wagering restrictions. As a result, you must lose money a specific amount of times before you may utilize it.

Is there any game casino bonus? Yes.

Bonus games on slot machines are meant to give players additional chance to win. The bonus games differ widely between machines.

Traditional three-reel slots are simple to understand: line up three symbols on the payline to win a fixed sum. Bonus elements that provide more entertainment and more opportunities to win have steadily been introduced to slot machines, and current video slot games have brought bonus games to a whole new level. Landing two or more scatter symbols on a payline is a frequent technique to trigger a bonus round, although other games utilize different approaches.

High roller players and VIP bonus

Casino operators are throwing away the greatest offers and services to satisfy clients in order to gain more casino players and fanatics and earn a substantial chunk of the gambling business. Some of the most frequent incentives and advantages given to players are welcome bonuses, reload, cashback bonuses, and free spins. However, all of this refers to the VIP casino bonus, which many casino operators regard to be the most premium offer. As the name implies, the VIP bonus offer is only available to certain casino members and players, or to those who are faithful and have a deep connection with the casino operator.

How to gain no deposit bonus?

Obtaining a no deposit bonus is typically simple. The following are the most common options:

1. You type in the casino bonus code.

2. You will take advantage of a limited-time offer.

3. You will have to fulfill certain extra conditions.

The casino bonus is frequently coupled with a code that must be input into the relevant area on the page. You will instantly receive the provided bonus after entering the proper casino promotional code. The relevant bonus code may be obtained straight from the online casino’s website or by e-mail. A no-deposit bonus is typically a long-term promotion. However, if you find it, be sure it is a casino bonus 2022 – last year’s code will most likely be worthless.

There are also short-term promotions in which casinos that would not normally give a no deposit bonus do so. Then don’t be afraid to use it; else, you could miss out. Casinos may also provide a free bonus if customers perform additional duties. You must take part in a poll or contest, or you must introduce your friends to the casino.

How to calculate casino bonus?

There are several sorts of bonuses available at online casinos. Getting to know them, on the other hand, is difficult, and not every player, of course, wants to recalculate the proportion to the money. However, a fantastic tool known as a bonus calculator will make things much easier for you. Simply enter the amount of your own deposit, and the calculator will calculate the casino bonus you are eligible for. You always know how much you can rely on the game.

Promotion codes for casino bonuses

Players like using promotional coupons at online casinos. You can benefit from them by receiving extra bonuses, activating a welcome offer, or receiving a no-deposit bonus. Promotional codes can be delivered to players in marketing communications by e-mail or SMS, in promotional or advertising banner restrictions, and on websites that specialize in casino game management and offer readers with information about what is going on. what’s going on in the world of online gambling

Online casinos can simply track the statistics of their advertising efforts, examine them in terms of attractiveness and usefulness for players, and continually change their offer to their customers’ demands thanks to bonus codes. In consequence, players believe that by using bonus codes, they are getting more than regular casino customers.

Casino bonus for first time players

Online casinos do not overlook inexperienced players who are unfamiliar with intricate bonus systems. To assist operators in navigating the casino and selecting their favorite games, welcome bonuses are being prepared that can be obtained quickly after establishing a new account and making their first deposit. In most circumstances, no additional action is necessary because the bonus monies are credited to the player’s account instantly.

The most popular reward for new players are free spins. It is possible that their quantity is not dependent on the size of the deposit; it can even be granted as part of the bonus without a deposit or during the casino’s weekly promotions. It is fairly simple to use free spins; nevertheless, remember to carefully read the rules for betting on free spins wins.

What bonuses experienced players can gain?

Users that play at online casinos on a regular basis can benefit from even more sophisticated and intricate promotions, which are also more appealing than typical free spins or deposit incentives:

VIP clubs are designed specifically for clientele that frequent the casino and make large deposits. More Comp Points, VIP event invites, premium customer service, better tables, monthly prize drawings, unique birthday prizes, faster payments, and other benefits are available to VIP players.

Lottery Is a rather uncommon benefit that is occasionally presented to VIP club members. Participants have the chance to win luxury automobiles, vacations, and cash rewards. The quantity of tickets issued may be determined by the amount of money deposited by players over time.

Comp points are earned each time a player wagers on the specified game. It normally costs between $1 to $100. All points acquired in this manner can be turned into cash later. Advanced gamers that play more frequently than normal users accumulate an increasing number of Comp Points.

Does mobile applications can give you some bonuses?

The globe is in continual motion, and so are many casino game enthusiasts. In recent years, online casinos have mostly concentrated on upgrading their mobile applications, which allow users to play their favorite games whenever and wherever they choose. More and more casinos are providing a unique welcome bonus to smartphone users. You may use them whether you have an iOS or Android device, a smartphone or a tablet. It is frequently a tempting no-deposit incentive that the casino offers to draw attention to its new application and attract new players. Sometimes you must input the casino bonus code; other times, you will instantly receive the casino bonus after downloading and installing the program.

Pros and cons of casino promotions

Everyone enjoys receiving anything for free, and this is without a doubt the most significant perk of all casino bonuses. What are the most popular reasons among casino players?

Extra Cash – The major reason why consumers profit from online casino bonus offers is that they provide you with the opportunity to make large sums of money, particularly from deposit bonuses.

Longer playing time – Using 100%, 200%, or 300% bonuses allows players to play longer and increase their chances of winning a large reward.

Option to try new games – owing to free spins or more cash, players have the opportunity to try games that they have not yet played.

How to know which bonus is best for you?

By default, most casinos offer their customers first registration bonuses – welcome bonuses. They are often quite useful to players, but it must be denied that different casinos provide varying amounts of rewards. Wouldn’t it be an issue if they weren’t explained differently – how do we know how much we’ll gain and what casino bonus will be most beneficial in? Simply enter the bonus calculator. This allows you to simply determine the precise amount of the bonus in relation to the anticipated deposit amount.

What are requirements for gambling?

Let us now discuss gambling criteria. Most casino welcome bonus offers come with wagering conditions. It can range from 10x to an astonishing 60x and beyond.

Typically, the wagering requirement will be between 20x and 35x. Anything more than 35 times would be considered excessive. Higher wagering requirements are typically associated with a higher bonus of 300 percent, 400 percent, or 500 percent.

Sometimes a deposit bonus with no wagering requirements is available. The disadvantage of this bonus is that it is not always available, but it is still a terrific opportunity to have fun and enjoy the casino.

The most perplexing aspect of gambling wagering requirements is the distinction between playing with simply the bonus and gambling with the bonus plus deposit. The primary distinction is that you simply have to gamble the bonus amount or the bonus + deposit amount. Consider the following instances:

  • Gambling with bonus only:

An example of an offer:  You will receive a no deposit bonus of 10 EUR upon registering with  wagering demand: 45x

Your win: X

10 EUR (bonus money) multiplied by 45 Equals 450 EUR

Explanation: You must bet the bonus 45 times before you can withdraw your X amount from the bonus money. This implies you’ll have to wager 450 euros before you can withdraw your X bonus earnings.

  • Gambling with bonus + deposit:

Requirements for wagering: 35x bonus + deposit

Your deposit is €50.

Your prize: X

Calculation: 100 x 35 = 3,500 EUR

Explanation: To withdraw your X profits, you must first bet a € 50 + € 50 bonus 35 times. This implies you’ll have to wager € 3,500 in order to withdraw your profits.

All earnings from bonus spins, like bonus cash, will be subject to identical wagering requirements before you may withdraw your gains.

  • Gambling with free spins:

For instance, provide 30 free spins.

35x wagering requirement

Your deposit is 10 euros.

Your bonus spins winnings: 60 EUR

EUR 60 (spin wins) multiplied by 35 equals EUR 2,100.

Explanation: You must bet EUR 2,100 to withdraw your bonus spins winnings. This may appear to be a major concern, but keep in mind that you may still win by spinning.

Other requirements

Other factors to consider while selecting the finest casino bonus include deadlines, minimum deposit requirements, bonus expiry date, maximum active bonus bet, restricted playing schemes, and so on. They are always included in the casino’s general terms and conditions.

What exactly does the bonus % imply?

Let us now discuss welcome bonus percentages and payments. The Welcome Bonus is a percentage of your initial deposit that is provided by the casino. It may appear complicated, but it is actually rather simple.

Look at the chart below to see how it works and what you can anticipate from the most popular casino bonuses.

  • 100% match bonus
    One of the most prevalent deposit bonuses accessible to new players is the 100% casino bonus. It is given to you as a welcome bonus when you make your first deposit. And, if you’re lucky, you might be able to utilize it on future deposits. When you apply for a 100 percent bonus, your initial deposit will be doubled. For example, you may have discovered a casino that gives a welcome package that includes a 100 percent bonus up to 100 EUR. In this instance, you may deposit up to EUR 100. In the casino, the minimum bet is fixed at € 10. Assume you decide to put € 20 of your own money in. In exchange, you will receive a 20-euro incentive. So, you can play with 40EUR now.
  • 200% match bonus
    Another popular deposit offer is the 200 percent casino bonus, which is slightly more lucrative than the 100 percent bonus. It effectively triples your initial deposit. Here’s an illustration of how the 200 percent bonus works. You wish to receive a 200 percent bonus up to 100 EUR and deposit 50 EUR. In exchange, you will earn EUR 100 in bonus cash and a total of EUR 150 to play with.
  • 300% match bonus
    It is harder to obtain a 300 percent bonus in a casino. These are well-known or brand-new casinos that strive to attract new customers. We’ll use a basic example to make things easy for you. You wish to get a 300 percent bonus up to 100 EUR by making a deposit of 30 EUR. You will receive a 90 EUR bonus and will be able to play with a total of 120 EUR. Keep an eye out for the 300 percent casino bonus granted to returning players. It’s an excellent approach to improve your account. The casino will occasionally provide it to returning clients or those who haven’t played in a long time.
  • 400% match bonus
    It is unusual to find a casino that would give you a 400% bonus on your initial deposit. It will most likely be a new web portal seeking new gamers. Nonetheless, internet competition is intense, and similar offers are sure to proliferate. Remember that a large bonus does not usually imply much. Big bonuses sometimes come with unreasonable betting requirements and other limitations, so carefully read the bonus terms before you play to ensure your funds are protected. If you elect to make a claim, you will be able to play with five times as much money. For example, suppose you found a bonus offer of 400% up to EUR 100 and are prepared to invest EUR 100. In exchange, you will receive a 400 EUR bonus and 500 euros to play with.
  • 500% match bonus
    This form of gambling bonus is uncommon at casinos. However, a casino bonus of 500% up to € 100 implies that if you deposit € 20, you will receive a € 100 bonus, giving you a total of € 120 to play with. Check the bonus terms and conditions to prevent unexpected surprises.

Bonuses for Live Casinos

In contrast to live casinos, online casinos rarely provide bonuses. This is because games with a real live dealer are more expensive and the outcome is determined not just by chance but also by the player’s ability. Some casinos, on the other hand, prefer to reward live gaming enthusiasts with refund bonuses – for losses suffered during live games in the period (for example, weekly) preceding the start of the campaign – or deposit bonuses that enhance deposits in casino games. Before utilizing any casino bonus, please read the promotional terms and conditions.

VIP Casino Promotions

VIP and High Roller players are the most desired users in any online casino. Operators are planning special, incredibly appealing rewards and bonus programs to entice people to use the site’s products and make large deposits.

The most frequent VIP casino bonuses are:

A special bonus offered as a prize for entering the VIP program (this might be a no-deposit bonus or a free spin);

Weekly or monthly promotions and advantages (cashback, reload bonuses, free spins, and more);

Enhanced Comp points allocated to VIP players;

Low wagering requirements with bonuses or no wagering requirements for money gained from bonuses;

Higher bonuses for free spins;

Promotional codes unlocking bonuses only for an elite group of players;

Cash prizes, tickets to music and sporting events, and international excursions;

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