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Do you know what Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon? Alea iacta est, or in plain English – the die has been cast. To win, you have to take risks, but to reduce the risk you need to have good information and tactics. That’s why we’re here. If you are willing to learn more about us click on read more; otherwise, just go straight to online casinos and slot reviews and also don’t forget to read our blog.

We want to make things easy, so we will try our best to provide you with up-to-date information about bonuses, deposits, and a variety of other topics. All of the casinos listed here are our favorites; we spent more time with some and less time with others, but we have enough knowledge and information to help you. In addition to casinos, we will analyze the slots we most frequently play as well as the slots that are currently popular.

We’re not going to humble brag about our years in industry, because gambling is our hobby. If you say that you have a hobby it means that you love doing that so much that became habit. What we want to do is a make a community – place where you can be informed about news in gambling world, new casinos, best promos and of course best games.

As you can see, site is pretty easy to navigate, with 2 clicks / touches you can find everything you need, and so it will remain. Simplicity is the ultimate form of perfection. You can contact us any time, suggest changes or give us some advice to improve your experience.

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These online casinos satisfy all of the standards for enjoyable and secure online gambling. These online casinos satisfy all of the requirements for maximum enjoyment based on all aspects. Some have bonuses, some have free spins, but most importantly, they all have a huge number of games – slots, table games, and live dealers. So sit back and relax while playing your favorite games.

Get 100% Bonus match up to 500$ & 200 Free Spins
Get 100% Match bonus up to 300EUR + 100 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Minimum Deposit: 20EUR
Wagering: 50x

Get 260% Bonus up to 3500EUR + 270 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Wager for bonus is x35
Minimal deposit for bonus 20EUR
Up to 5000 EUR Bonus + 200 Free Spins
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Wagering: 40x - 45x
1st deposit : 100% up to 300EUR

2nd deposit: 50% up to 400EUR

3rd deposit: 100% up to 800EUR

4th deposit: 100% up to 3500EUR

🏹 Hunt for new online Casinos

Here you can find new online casinos reviews. All the information you need to know about bonuses and games. Does the casino suit the general needs of every gambler? Read our reviews and find out.

Get up to:
260% Bonus + 270 Free Spins
Up to 3500EUR
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Wager for bonus is x35
Minimal deposit for bonus 20EUR
Get up to:
100% Bonus + 100 Free Spins
Up to first $500 / 5BTC
T&Cs Apply
New customers only

Wagering: 40x - 45x
1st deposit : 100% up to 300EUR +100 FS

2nd deposit: 75% up to 100EUR

3rd deposit: 50% up to 100EUR

SlotterySpin is your online casinos Almanac

Welcome again to SlotterySpin. All players like taking advantage of the numerous options provided by online casinos, such as free spins, bonuses, VIP clubs, and so on. The online casinos are sprouting up like mushrooms after a rain, and the options for where to play are expanding all the time. It is, however, all the more difficult to position oneself in all of these choices and pick the finest among them. And that is precisely what we hope to assist you with on our website.

On a daily basis, SlotterySpin compiles up-to-date bonus information from the most prominent online casinos. Because there are so many casinos on the market today, it may be difficult for players to determine which ones are trustworthy and offer the most value for money – which is why we’re here to assist.

We’ve spent the last two years assisting gamblers from all around the world who have begun playing at online casinos. We feel that this long-term experience will flow from our website, and we would enjoy it if you took use of it. We will point you in the direction of the greatest online casinos, the best casino bonuses, the biggest jackpots, the best free spins, and, most importantly, where online casino games are truly secure and dependable.

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4 Steps to be sure that your experience in online casinos will always be awesome

The goal of the content on the SlotterySpin is to give you with trustworthy information and to carefully guide you through the maze of online casinos, whether you are a novice or an experienced player.

We always have the most up-to-date information behind the scenes, and all of the information on each casino on our website is current as of 2022. We do this because we want your online gambling experience to be consistently positive. To have great fun and pleasure while avoiding being duped, always play only at websites that have a legal license to run online casinos in your country. The measures listed below will ensure that your casino experience is always enjoyable:

  1. We will only link you to online casinos that have a license that is valid for 2022. Our ensures that any money transactions you make when playing for real money at this online casino are safe and secure.
  2. We are the first to look for, test, and rate newly launched online casinos.
  3. We will negotiate the finest casino bonuses for you, and we will represent you in the event of a disagreement with the online casino.
  4. We will defend you in case of a dispute with the online casino.

💪 Our online casino reviews are determined by strong objective criteria

The casino rating is always written by an external reviewer who has no relation with the casino and does not reflect its interests in any manner. Services are reviewed solely through the eyes of a typical player, and an online casino is rated primarily on its content, security, and general excellence.

📝 Testing new online casinos

Whenever a new online casino gets a license, we test it and review the casino games it offers. If it passes our testing and meets our security and trust requirements, we will add it to the list of new casinos on our website. You can be sure that in 2021, a number of new games of chance await you on internet, and rest assured that we will set aside the best offers, with spins and various bonuses, for you.

🎯 Is online gambling suitable for you?

Before you begin, you should think about whether online gambling is good for you. Many people who have never played wonder what draws others to the gambling. Some people even think it’s a complete waste of time and money. Like any other kind of entertainment, some individuals appreciate it while others do not. Online gambling is not for everyone, yet it appeals to a large number of individuals. Of course, there are hazards, but if you’re rational, it can be a lot of fun.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started, and it’s really simple, just find your favorite online casino. You’ll quickly realize whether or not this is the appropriate fit for you. The safety of online gambling a major issue for newcomers. People frequently wonder if it is safe to deposit money, if winning bets will be paid out, and if the games will be fair. It’s reasonable to have doubts about such things, but it’s still 2022, and technology has evolved significantly, so there’s no need to be concerned. The great majority of online gamblers have no security concerns and you should use only reliable websites.

📊 How we rate online casinos?

The simplest method is to match the information you read in the reviews with first-hand experience in an online casino. Then determine how accurate and complete all of the information was. This involves both of us. But, before you read our assessments, we’d like to explain what we look for in each regulated casino and how it influences the ratings we offer them.

How does our grading system look? What do we mean by “estimate” ?

🎲 Software
The software influences the sorts of games available. Some software suppliers (Microgaming, Plaitech, Betsoft) are superior than others (RealTime Gaming, Rival), and we rate them appropriately. Much depends on the quality, quantity, and exclusivity of the offered games.

💰 Payments
We are seeking for a variety of alternatives that an online casino may provide, such as quick cash exchange, fees, and minimum / maximum deposits and payouts.

🍒 Promotions
We’re searching for a few key things. We’d want to see a lot of high-quality promotions. Welcome bonuses, bonuses, VIP / cash back programs, and other benefits. At the same time, promotions are meaningless if they go too deep into the pocketbook at first.

📈 Company
We want to know how long the casino has been running, if they are a legal business (they have all of their permissions and documentation in place), if there have been any complaints (and if they have been settled), and so on.

🃏 How to choose online casino?

When it comes to online casinos, there are several factors to consider that might add to your perplexity. We have discovered seven critical elements that are important regardless of where you are in the world. Each will assist you in avoiding dubious operators and being secure online.

1. Is it safe to gamble at a casino?
2. Is there a sufficient number of high-quality games to keep you entertained?
3. Do casino bonuses give a sufficient amount of extra value?
4. Is the casino software from a reputable vendor?
5. Is the platform mobile-optimized?
6. Are there the best payment methods?
7. Is there a customer service for you?

These seven points are devoted to the fundamentals of casino security and clear facts, which are all crucial to grasp before dealing with other issues that are more focused on personal preferences. These are the pillars upon which we build our casino rating.

🚫 Avoid gambling on sites that are on blacklists

A blacklisted online gambling site should be avoided as much as possible. For one reason or another (which we shall address in detail below), the website is untrustworthy and constitutes a direct threat to your online security, personal information security, and the security of your hard-earned money.If you’re familiar with the term “black list,” you’ll know that it generally refers to a comprehensive list of corporations, organisations, or persons that deserve to be on the list. The issue with playing online is that there are so many players that come and go in the sector that it is nearly hard to compile an exhaustive list of websites to avoid. That is why it is critical to always double-check the page.


Internet casinos have grown so popular throughout the world that there isn’t a single player who hasn’t considered gambling. Modern technological advancements have enabled more web casinos to improve their gaming services and utilize some of the most cutting-edge security measures available to provide a high degree of data safety for its players. There are presently a number of online casinos with an excellent reputation in the online gaming business.

You should be able to easily discover a registration option in the majority of online casinos. It can be found at the top or bottom of the home page, depending on the structure of the web page. When you visit some online casinos’ websites, a pop-up window will open, allowing you to rapidly join in to the platform. Because only a few easy steps are required, the entire registration procedure may generally be done in a matter of minutes. You may even be able to register using an account you already have on several major social networks.

Keep in mind, however, that the registration procedure also involves additional security stages that cannot be skipped. You should take the time to enter all of the required information as precisely as possible. You will not be able to withdraw your winnings if you do not accurately complete the relevant information. You must complete a registration form in which you must input some personal information such as your full name, full current address, email address, phone number, and security question.

It is vital to create a memorable security question so that the password may be simply reset if required. You may add another layer of security to your data by asking a question that only you know the answer to.

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about cybercrime and money laundering, and the online gambling business has recently come under examination in the United Kingdom and the United States. Indeed, certain authorities, such as the UK Gambling Commission, have been tasked with implementing additional processes to prevent suspicious activity in the business.

When you register an account on a betting or casino website, your actions are likely to be severely restricted until you authenticate your identity. However, before connecting to the network for verification, you have the right to understand why the company, casino, or bookmaker is requesting your information. Most of the time, this will be in compliance with the law, ensuring that the most respectable platforms are not harmed. If you are unsure how to proceed, please contact the company at any time.

⚖️ Laws and Regulations

Many online gamblers do not simply say how the online gambling business is controlled. In an ideal world, they would not have to since the sector would be equally governed around the globe. We do not, however, live in a perfect world; regrettably, this is not the case. You should also think about regulation.

All gambling sites must abide by all regulations that apply to them and should be taken for granted. Everyone should participate in ethical behaviors. Money laundering and gambling with minors, for example, should be prohibited, and their advertising should be fair and not deceptive. The sites should, among other things, be safe from consumer deposits and have clear terms. Customers should have a fair probability of winning and be entitled to their rewards within a reasonable time frame.

If every gambling website followed these standards, the Internet would be a much safer place for anyone who wish to wager and play real money games. Regrettably, this is not the case. That is why regulation is so critical. Websites should be required to satisfy these requirements, and those that do not should be permitted. Unfortunately, it is difficult to put a halt to dishonest websites. Because there is no worldwide legal or regulatory agency that regulates online gambling in every nation, websites may be established in places where they are not subject to stringent rules and regulations and can function quite simply.

Fortunately, dishonest websites are in the minority. The great majority of sites are located in areas where appropriate rules and regulations apply and may thus be utilized safely. The fact that there are only a few unfair websites remains a concern, thus individuals must exercise caution while registering. We can only profit from this sector’s regulation if we utilize the correct websites. As a result, we believe it is critical that users examine whether laws are covered by the site before joining.

To truly comprehend how rules operate in this market, you must first comprehend the notion of online gambling jurisdiction. These are the areas where the appropriate governments have passed specific legislation allowing enterprises located in this nation to offer online betting and gamling services. As a result, these businesses may operate gambling establishments with complete legal backing. The precise conditions for awarding gambling licenses are determined by the jurisdiction in which they are located as well as the services they provide.

✔️ Licenses for online casinos

Online betting and gambling entails committing money to third parties that are, in most situations, “anonymous.” Millions of people throughout the world invest in gambling sites, yet few know anything about the companies or individuals behind those sites. This is eventually the moment at which the sector will be regulated. People should be able to deposit their money with confidence, knowing that they are working with respectable firms.

We’ve already noted that there is no global agency in charge of overseeing the internet gambling business. That is unlikely to happen since there are far too many different stakeholders. It’s awful, but it’s true. The main downside is that internet gambling rules vary widely depending on where you reside. This behavior is absolutely prohibited in certain areas of the world, yet it is fully lawful in others.

It should be highlighted that in most areas, local regulations target individuals who gamble rather than those who utilize them. It is unusual for a country to have regulations that expressly forbid individuals from betting online or playing poker for real money. However, perplexing laws, such as those in the United States, frequently create some hesitancy. Some individuals simply don’t want to take the danger of doing something they shouldn’t, even though it’s not obvious that they should.

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